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Wondrous Theatre's original aroma 'Own Time' by issou

What makes you relax? What makes you smile? We often forget how much beauty  surrounds us, especially when busy. Our scent creator ‘issou' custom designed Wondrous Theatre's original aroma called 'Own Time'. 'Own Time’ helps to recall memories which once made you smile and yearns for those moments as a child that were playful and quiet.  The smell of nature, memories, warmth... Thank you, issou. We would like to share this happiness with all our wondrous friends.     


"Own time"

Afternoon sunlight filters through the trees Into the room where you sit alone
From the garden comes the sound of birdsong This time is yours alone

You thought it would always be there You know now it is not

For the first time in ages,
You pour tea leaves into a pot and brew a cup The amber color of the liquid
The slight sweetness of the fermented leaves The pleasant astringency of the tea and milk Satiate you

Family life,
A blend of happiness and distraction, Fills your days

You go to work
You meet with people

As the days repeat themselves A kind of sediment
Begins to gather
At the bottom of your heart

You walk barefoot into the garden
The grass cool and damp on your soles
As you crush a rosemary sprig between your fingers Its green, fresh scent rises to fill your nostrils
Mint, lavender, basil, fennel, chamomile, oregano... Their essence layers on your fingertips
A natural perfume

You bury your face in your hands and close your eyes
The meadow where you played at being a mother with childhood friends

The sound of birdsong
The rustling of the trees
The scent of herbs
Surround you, your childhood self blending with your adult self

You are here in this moment Nothing more, nothing less


Own time aroma oil contains; Bergamot, Eucalyptus radiate, Hinoki, Gerenium bourbon, Ylangylang, Blue cypress, Sandalwood