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Jumper -Red-
Jumper -Red-

Jumper -Red-

Hues Clothing
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Introducing Hues Clothing's Kids' Organic and Recycled Fleece Cotton Jumper - the perfect fusion of comfort, sustainability, and style for your little ones' playtime adventures!


●Crafted with sustainable materials: This jumper is thoughtfully created from a blend of organic and recycled materials, ensuring sustainability.

●Relaxed fit for active kids: With its relaxed fit, this jumper offers freedom of movement for active kids during playtime, allowing them to jump, run, and explore.

●Vibrant block colours: Choose from a range of bold and vibrant block colours to infuse fun and style into your child's wardrobe. 

Ideal for ages 1-6, this kids' organic and recycled fleece cotton jumper is designed for children who love to explore, play, and embrace their adventurous side. Provide them with warmth, comfort, and a touch of vibrant style to enhance their playtime experience.

 Make a positive impact on the planet with this eco-friendly and stylish addition to your product line.