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micro star studs gold vermeil

micro star studs gold vermeil

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Inspired by European antiques, natural history, and the world of storytelling, Momocreatura creations are like portals to a world of imagination. At times whimsical and humorous, they awaken a childlike imagination, adding a touch of magic to everyday life. These jewellery pieces, resembling fragments of stories, are designed to be worn, and as they adorn the wearer, they continue to weave new tales.

The teeny tiny crescent moon with a texture resembles the moon surface. Perfect for everyday wear and easy to mix-match with other earrings. 

The collection 'Sun, Moon and Stars' is inspired by old alchemical, hermetic pictures and the surface of the moon. May this jewellery collection empower you, giving its magical energy to the wearers as a modern talisman

24k hard gold plated recycled sterling silver or 9k recycled yellow gold 

Size H:6MM, W:5MM

Handcrafted in London